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  • Wow, Thank you very much. As all the comments on your website say, "Great Customer service". --Steven
  • Thanks! I just love this! --Cindee
  • Great website, love it!! --Sergio
  • I want to say I love your site, it makes my Squares so easy to do. --Mark
  • Thanks we love this!! --Milla
  • Great site! Makes so easy to track and share --Julio
  • Thank you! I really have enjoyed your site simple and easy! --Matt
  • Love your program. I've referred a couple of people this year. --Ron
  • First time user and absolutely love the site. --Jeffrey
  • Great every year --Cameron
  • Great. Product came just as it was supposed to and the game has been fun to play. Very user friendly. --Shelley
  • Customer service was outstanding! --Richard
  • Your software really makes these pools easy and fun to run. --Tom
  • I've been using their product for 3 years in a row now and it's made my work a lot more stress free. It's so simple...."Even a caveman could do it." --Anthony
  • Great. Product came just as it was supposed to and the game has been fun to play. Very user friendly. --Shelley
  • This was exactly what I was looking for in a web-based squares pool. --Robert
  • Fast service, Well designed product. Worked Great. --Kalei
  • Second time using these guys and no problem at all. --Cameron
  • Very simple and useful site to use. --Steve
  • Great! --Jerald
  • Thx. I love the site. --Travis
  • Service has been great This is my 2nd year running squares on your site and all has been good. Love the service. It makes getting squares filled quick and easy from friends and family all over the country. --James
  • Very Good. It is easy to use. --Ron
  • Quick and easy. --Richard
  • I love everything about it!! Easy to use, online, convenient. --Mike

Football Squares Features

"This is a great tool for doing squares when your users are at many different locations, cities, states, etc.
Thanks Jason"
  1. No software to install, everything is done via the Internet
  2. Ability to send email confirmations for picks to both user and administrator.
  3. You can have different numbers per quarter, per half or per game
  4. Every Squares site is given a unique URL and is password protected to prevent unwanted users from joining your grid
  5. You can generate the numbers randomly by a click of a button
  6. You can easily mark users as Paid so you know who still owes
  7. You have a nicely formatted summary of all entrants, including name, email, referrer and paid field
  8. You can easily export users in a delimited format for use in any spreadsheet application
  9. You can choose your own rules and set your costs
  10. You can delete unwanted users
  11. You can name your site whatever you want (Ex. Sam's Football Squares), and this will be displayed as the title of your site, and labeled at the top of each of your pages.
  12. We provide a sample of the rules, but you can change them to fit your specific requirements
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Football Squares Service

"Just wanted you to know that we appreciate your service and we will always use this site every year thank you."
Now you don't have to take a single piece of paper around or try to manage a spreadsheet to gather enough participants to fill your Football Squares grid. Using our service, you can sit at your desk and put a link on your website to your unique URL on our site, or send out an email notifying all your friends and family around the country of your Football Squares site. Then watch as your Football Squares fillup in record time. Our software is combatible for any user on any operating system because everything is done through the web. All you have to do is give your friends the unique web address of your site, along with the username and password that you set up as the Administrator, and handles the rest. So go ahead and join our growing community of satisfied users already using!

Demo Football Squares

"It's the best of its kind, I use it every year."
Still not convinced this is the best way to run a Football Squares grid? Well, please try our Football Squares Demo to get a feel of what it is like.

Get Started

"Much better than my previous spreadsheet!"
  1. Submit your payment using the secure link below.
  2. Once we receive your payment, we will setup your Football Squares website automatically, and you will receive an email notifying you of your unique Football Squares link so you can begin configuring your site. The whole process normally takes less than a few minutes.

Purchase Football Squares

"Thanks for the cool site, saves us a ton of trouble."
To get started setting up your Football Squares, simply click on the button below. The cost is only $12.95 per Football Squares site that you want set up, which is only an extra $0.13 cents per square that you need to charge your friends! We've been running Football Squares sites for years, so we know what Administrators want and need. Running your Squares site online is by far the easiest and most time saving option around. Simply click on the following link below to begin:

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Still have questions on how it all works? Try our Football Squares Demo Site, or simply send us an email at with any questions or concerns that you may have and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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